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Wednesday Jan 29th at 11.30-13.00

Join our free kettlebell sport introduction class.

Are you ready for a new challenge?
Try to compete in kettlebell sport. I have already registered for my first kettlebell competition which will be held on April 26th 2020 see link for more information about the competition and kettlebell sport I will give an introduction class about kettlebell sport and especially the kettlebell Long-cycle technique. You will receive a kettlebell Long-cycle training program after the class. With enough enthusiasm, it will also be possible to schedule a day for the kettlebell jerk and snatch techniques (Biathlon).

Sign up for our kettlebell sport Long-cycle introduction class at the NATO JFCHQ Fitness Centre.
• Wednesday 29th, 11.30-13.00
• NATO JFCHQ Fitness Centre Brunssum
• Max 12 participants
• Only for NATO, E3-A and US ID card holders.